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About Us

Hay River FireHaven is a non profit religious organization formed in December of 2021. Our mission  is to foster and share our relationship with sacred land which we steward and preserve through service, ritual, ceremony, worship and art.


One of our events is Sacred Fire Circle in Paradise. You can also find us at Twin Cities Pagan Pride and Paganicon.
We are working to bring events to the land for most major Pagan Holidays and you can use the land for your private events. We’ve held private rituals and hand fasting celebrations.


We recognize the intrinsic value of the natural world separate from the human experience


We experience the flowing and evolving force of nature as a conduit for sacred space.


We engage in environmentally sustainable practices through re-use, reducing consumption, careful planning, thrift, and innovation.

Through our practice on the land, we are reminded that we are an integral part of the natural world.



We value Deity as polymorphic, immanent and present.

We strive to re-discover cultural and ancestral ways of knowing.

We cultivate space for ancestral knowledge, contact, and healing.

We value a common fire as often Central to structured worship.

Community Values

We accept and respect spiritual, gender, age, limitations,
viewpoint, and all other cultural diversity.

We acknowledge experience and talent, and encourage personal growth.


We foster beloved community.


We enrich our practices with careful study, research, and critical thinking.


We honor healthy social, spiritual, and environmental boundaries.



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