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Samhain (pronounced /ˈsɑːwɪn/ SAH-win/ˈsaʊɪn/ SOW-in, ) is celebrated every year on a weekend evening closest to October 31st. Deeply rooted in Celtic traditions, it is a significant seasonal transition marking the end of the harvest season and the onset of winter's darkness. At its heart, it embodies a profound connection to nature and the changing seasons.


Samhain signifies a time of reflection, as the boundary between the living and the spirit world blurs, enabling communication with ancestors and spirits. It serves as an occasion for divination and prophecy, with rituals designed to unveil glimpses of the future. This ancient festival encapsulates both a celebration of abundance and a respectful nod to the impending challenges of winter.

Our community often builds and burns a Wicker Man; a large, human-shaped structure constructed from wood, straw, and corn husks. The Wicker Man represents the culmination of the old year and the impending rebirth of the new one, signifying both a sacrifice to the gods and a celebration of the changing seasons. It is a solemn and communal event that serves as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms and reinforcing the cyclical rhythms of life, death, and renewal.

Greetings Hay River FireHaven Community!
The dates are set for Samhain this year. Please use the link above to register for the event. Registration will close on Oct 26th. There will also be a liability and photo release form for you to sign before your 1st workday.

Please note that we are asking you to attend at least one full workday for those that wish to attend Samhain. If you fulfill at least two full workdays, you may bring one other person along to attend Samhain. We will determine what size of a Man we are making this year by how many people show up on the 1st day. If we can’t get enough people to help with the building of the man on the morning of the 1st day, we will decide on some other edifice to create. October 22nd is an extra day in case we need to delay due to weather or need the extra day to get the skin on the Man.


If you cannot attend a full work day:

  • You can work multiple partial days get the hours for a full workday credit to attend.

  • If you cannot attend any of the workdays at all, a $25 donation is also acceptable.

On each workday, we will start at 10:30am, as the daylight is growing short. Plan on bringing a snack to share during the workday and after at 6:00pm we will have a potluck meal. Electric access will be available for crockpots, and we have a fridge for storing food items for that day’s meal.

Details for Samhain on October 28th:
There will be a suggested donation fee of $5 to attend per person.
$15 fee if you are camping overnight per person.

We will start the final preparations at 11:00am on Saturday the 28th . A potluck meal will be shared at 6:00 before we preform the ritual and burn the Man.

Things to bring to Samhain:

  • Chairs for sitting around the fire.

  • Decorations for the Man that can be burned.

  • Food to share at the potluck.

  • Ritual clothing (plan to dress in layers as it is cold before the fire it lit!)

  • Beverages to share.

  • Cold weather camping gear if you are camping overnight.

  • Drums and other musical instruments to play during the event.

Things to leave home:
Pets should stay at home, as there are elderly dogs on the property

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