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Sacred Fire Circle Logistics

The Site:

The Sacred Fire Circle in Paradise will take place at Hay River FireHaven, located 70 miles from Mpls., MN., 125 miles from Duluth, MN, and 225 miles from Madison, WI. The site is a wooded, secluded river valley with ample cleared level camping available.

Age & Other Requirements

Registration is limited to adults over age 18. We have accommodated many folks with limited mobility, inquire about site suitability for your participation! We do offer electricity if you need it for medical reasons. 


At registration you can specify food preferences. Nine meals are provided: Thurs.- Dinner, Fri/Sat. - 3 meals, Sun.- Breakfast and Lunch. You will be sent further orientation materials in advance, directions, and info to request your talents, and resources to help co-create this event. Registrants can arrive after 10am on opening day.

Village Builders 

Those who can arrive before noon Wednesday, a day early, and participate in village building will experience a deeper connection to the space by preparing and dedicating it at a special Wednesday night ceremony. Choose the perfect campsite! Village Builders will be provided meals on their arrival for an additional fee. Village Builders must arrive by noon and be set up and contributing no later than 2pm.

*Those that arrive later will be considered as Early Arrivals, and an additional fee will be due.


Early Arrivals (Not Village Builders, but arriving prior to 10am on Thursday)
  • Will be charged a $30 additional fee

  • Will be charged an additional $6 per meal that occurs after their arrival prior to dinner on Thursday.

  • Will be asked to avoid interrupting the Village Builders as much as possible.

  • Should set up their campsites and keep to themselves other than mealtime unless they choose to contribute to setup tasks.


*Gate will be closed to early arrivals until supper time, to allow Village Builders to get set up and situated.

Things to bring:
  • Camping Gear, shade tarp, chair

  • Small Trailers Welcome

  • Ritual garb, good shoes

  • Sound / Percussion tools

  • Finger foods for Fire Circle snacks

  • Song and chant words

  • Additions to the Circle and Altars

  • Personal tools for transformation

  • Towel, swimming gear

  • Food, if a highly restrictive diet!

  • Nicotine Patches / gum if needed

Things provided:
  • All Meals are provided,   you won't want to have to cook!

  • Limited electric for medical needs

  • Camping, small trailer sites

  • Clean portas

  • Circle Station Tents, circle supplies, torches

  • Prepared Fire Circle, firewood, Rangoli supplies

  • Orientation Materials

Things to leave home!
  • Teens under age 18 and children

  • Un-registered or Animal Friends

  • Electronic Music Devices

  • Drugs or Alchohol!

  • Fire toys or Fireworks

  • Commercial Soap or Glass Containers

  • Plans for personal camp fires

  • Packaging, Pack it in, Pack it out!


Fees for this event are :

  • $160 - Early Bird Registration, through April 30th.

  • $195 - Regular Registration, May 1st through June 30th *OR UNTIL FULL

  • Additional $25 for access to power (must bring your own very long extension cords)

* Note discounts are available to voting Hay River FireHaven Members

Refund Policy:

Cancellations of paid event registrations shall be considered a donation to HRFH, unless a refund request is submitted.

  • Refunds are available if the following conditions are met:

  • All refund requests must be made in writing.

  • A registrant requesting a refund at least 30 days prior to the event shall be granted an 80% refund of fees.

  • A registrant requesting a refund within 30 days prior to the event shall be granted a 50% refund of fees.

  • A registrant canceling participation at least 15 days before an event can transfer their registration to a specific person, without penalty if:

  • The person has experienced the event before, or

  • The person under consideration is approved by the Council.

  • A registrant canceling participation at any time prior to the start of the event can, by written request, delay their participation a year, and pay only any increased cost the following year. After one year the registration becomes a donation to HRFH.

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