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Transformational Ritual

Our fire circle is a 4 day event consisting of a series of three 6 hour RITUALS that last from midnight till dawn. We are in ritual mode for those 18 hours, which means we are not in the mundane world, we are between the worlds.

These three rituals are loosely structured to encourage;

  • Self-examination

  • The Identifying and releasing of obstacles, and

  • Transcendence or transformation.


It is lessons from essential FIRE, that which consumes and transforms, and essential EARTH, that which offers itself for consumption, with the aid of AIR, that which blows and carries, and WATER, that which flows and cleanses…


Fire Circle is filled with challenges, to the body and the mind. It is an ordeal.

What do we do all night? We contribute

A defined sacred and protected space is established around the fire, opened with ceremony. Surrounding the internal circle is the village, consisting of a food altar, healing room, transformation station, and a meditation and divination tent. A smaller root fire embodies the feminine source. Directional Altars mark the circle.


Alchemical Portals of contribution, including Rhythm, Movement, Voice, and Service are created and offered by participants. Each portal is a doorway through which we access the deep magical potential of the Circle. Our practice is to mindfully engage with each other as a way to discover more about ourselves, our relationships, and our own highest vision.

Many spend significant time at the center masculine fire; raising energy by walking it, dancing it, chanting, singing, offering words or poetry. Others span the boundaries of the torchlit inner crucible circle, holding the energy raised to concentrate it. Participants may randomly pause to feed and care for themselves and others, heal and support, offer rhythm or sound, but all remain within the sacred space. The aim is to remain fully engaged in building the energy, which is the tool of this transformational ritual, from midnight until dawn. It is not a place to socialize, have casual conversations, or for the use of mind altering or addictive substances. This space is, above all, Sacred.

Doing ceremony together,

We become the ceremony,

Doing ceremony together.

Fire Circle is not group therapy.

Fire Circle is a place where intimate, and sometimes painful issues are revealed and can be explored…but we must be careful here. We are not professional mental health care workers, and so any psychological or emotional benefit we derive from attending is the result of our own personal hard work. It’s a delicate balance. Although we may find that we uncover emotional or psychological problems that require professional help, if we begin to tip the scales toward therapy sessions in our cauldron, that is a threat to the health and safety of our Fire Circle as a whole. And could result in liability issues for the church. As a medical side note, with the topsy-turvy sleep schedule, it’s easy to forget to take our meds. Asking someone to remind us is good self-care.

Fire Circle is not a stage. 

When we sing, dance, drum, play an instrument, or share a story or words from our heart, we are not performing, we are contributing our energy. We work to create a safe space to explore these methods of self expression, without feeling that we are being judged, without comparing ourselves to others, without feeling of inadequacy, or being observed. The saying “dance like there’s nobody watching” is appropriate here. If you notice yourself doing anything to impress someone else, that may be an indication that you have work to do around your ego or your need for approval. In the same way, there is no room for judgment here; no “good” or “bad”, no “right” or “wrong”…what fills each moment works to support the energy in some way.

Participants bring their own life experiences and their gifts of the moment to the Sacred Fire Circle in Paradise. The nature of transformation is individual and profound. Once we strip the mundane away, participants may experience trance states, commune with divinity within themselves and one another, and directly with deity. Others may recognize personal obstacles, and process, embrace, or expel them. Some may journey in a shamanic manner, or shape-shift. Nearly all experience pure joy, often for the first time. Whatever awaits you, the effects will be transformational, whether immediately or months in the future.

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