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Our Agreements

Entering the Circle

At the Gateway to the Sacred Fire Circle in Paradise, we may smudge one another or ourselves with sage smoke, or asperge, as a purification rite. All are invited in to breathe, ground, center, and become aware that we are entering Sacred Space each time we step through the Gate.


The area contained by the tiki torches and prayer flags is Sacred Ground. Please remember that people are focusing on magical work in progress. With considerate intention, and avoiding distraction, we agree to take unnecessary conversation outside and away from the Circle.

Embrace Stillness

During moments when we wish to be still, we may pause near the outer edge of the Circle, just outside of the ring of tikis, taking care to avoid standing between the drummers and the fire. Please also be aware of the movements of others around the fire and do your best to avoid blocking them, as this can very easily disrupt their trance.

Feed Our Bodies

Participants contribute food to the Food Altar each night. From here, we nourish each other and ourselves throughout the night. Earth Team will be prepping vegetables, fruits, and cheeses during the afternoon work time, so bring those items down after lunch as it’s easier for us to prep when we can see. We do prep consciously for those who do not eat meat, have dairy issues and keep items labeled. Please let the docent of Earth team know if you have a serious food allergy. If there is anything you have forgotten to deliver there to the meal tent and place in the wheelbarrow by 11:45pm to have taken down to the circle. 

Care For Each Other

Everyone is empowered, and encouraged, to offer food and water to the drummers and dancers, smudge at the Gate, and otherwise care for the space and each other in the Fire Circle Have fun, play to your heart's content, and remember that you are in a Circle of Community.

We understand some of us struggle to stand the entire time. It is allowed to bring a chair to sit if needed as long as you stay engaged when sitting, mindful of moving your chair to the edges of our sacred space when you are not using it. It is natural to feel tired throughout the night. If you are feeling tired, it is a good time to challenge yourself by doing something else like walking the fire, playing a drum, offering food, being of service etc. Remember energy breeds more energy. We are intentionally flipping our circadian rhythms to allow ourselves this special time for healing, growth, and transformation.


Artificial Light

Electronic visual stimulation or artificial light sources are distracting, please avoid wearing or using light toys or glow sticks. Cellphones are not permitted in the circle. If you like to wear your fitbit or other tracker, please put it on the night setting so it doesn’t flash on and off. 


Stay Sober

Sacraments, legal and illegal, smokable or drinkable, are best left at home. The altered states we reach are not by substance, but by our own magical energy and intent.


Please ask before using someone else's drums or instruments. Instruments people bring that they want to use for themselves are kept in the music tent, but there is a table of shared instruments and books of collected chants that are available to play at any time on the music altar. As a courtesy, please remove rings before playing drums, to prevent blistered hands or damage to a drum-head. Please return instruments once you are finished playing them.


SFCiP is a co-created event

What does it mean to attend a co-created event?

If you want a procession, theme, creative event or ritual opening closing, ...offer it. 

If you want a rangoli, help design and make it.

If something is 'out” , please restock it

If there is a meeting, attend it and contribute your thoughts and ideas.

If you are inexperienced, say so and ask for a mentor on your team.

If you are inexperienced know your ideas, creativity, and contributions are welcome.

If you are afraid of doing something 'wrong' , get over it and either ask or do it anyway!

There are no excuses needed, it is what it is, you are who you are.

Offer service to this community, and you will know love.

Say what is on your mind, else how can we know! 

You are qualified for any task, and your performance will be superb.

Check, and sign up for circle caller before each meal, and if unfilled take the job.

Circle up before anyone leaves a meal and help organize meal cleanup / dishes.

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